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Our Food Tours, Bus Tours, Walking Tours
& Cultural Discovery Workshops

Asiatown/Bellaire Boulevard

Experience an insider's perspective of Houston's vibrant  Asiatown, while we  browse the aisles of an Asian market, explore an exquisitely beautiful temple, or visit Houston's own Vietnam War Memorial.


Learn about the rich history and establishment of Houston's Asian American community while we introduce you to some of the unique cultural dining and shopping destinations along Bellaire Boulevard. 

Tew Chew1.jpg

Explore Japan in Houston

Join us as we explore one of the hubs of Japanese influence in the Houston area.

Inhale at a Japanese bakery, explore an authentic grocery store, and enjoy Japanese foods both old and new, as we learn about what makes Japanese food & culture truly unique!

Inhale at an Amazing Japanese Bakery

 Gandhi District & South Asian
Bus Tour

Explore with us along Hillcroft Boulevard, as we visit Houston's  Mahatma Gandhi District. Tour a South Asian Market, enjoy a delicious Indian lunch, and inhale at an amazing bakery as we learn about this enticing and distinctive cuisine.  Try on a beautiful sari dress, and visit an unforgettable Hindu Temple.

Vegetarian Thali

Cultural Discovery Workshops

Host a unique hands-on workshop at your school, office, or community center location.  Our instructors provide insight into the history and origin of calligraphy, origami, tai chi, traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, Sashiko-traditional Japanese embroidery, yoga, and Indian Alpana art.  Your group will participate and learn all about these ancient art forms.  

We also teach about seasonal Asian cultural holidays and festivals.


Evening Walking Tours

Begin your evening with a scrumptious dinner, then stroll through Houston's bustling Asiatown area by foot.


Discover history, shopping destinations, and Asian markets before ending your night with an amazing dessert of your choice!

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