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Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is the annual celebration of the first new moon of the lunar calendar. Celebrated by numerous cultures in a variety of traditions throughout Asia, the holiday serves as a time to appreciate friends and family, show off traditional styles of clothing, and anticipate new beginnings. What you will find as a common bond in most of the Eastern Asian cultures’ ways of celebrating is that most traditions for Lunar New Year involve gifting red envelopes, lion/dragon dances, and a firecracker show! Gifting red envelopes to friends and families signifies the hope and well-wishes for prosperity and wealth for the new coming year. The lions/dragon dances are a symbol for strength and luck. You’ll find that many Asian-owned businesses will host lion/dragon dances in/outside their businesses during this time to bring in luck and wealth for the new year! The holiday is the biggest celebration in Asia. China and Vietnam are known to have two week-long celebrations! Popular foods during the holiday season in China are dumplings (Jiǎozi in Mandarin) and glutinous stuffed rice cakes (Bánh Tét) for Vietnam. Traditional clothing is worn such as Hanboks in South Korea and Áo Dài in Vietnam. Lunar New Year is a symbolic time to celebrate and create new memories with family; it is important to be grateful for the year that has passed and to be hopeful for the new year to come.

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