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Learn about Indian Festival of Holi

March Blog – Holi- by Judy Pham

About The Holiday

Holi is an Indian Hindu spring holiday celebrated for two days straight on the lunar

calendar. Also known as the “Festival of Colors” the celebration highlights the triumph

over good and evil, symbolizes love while welcoming spring, and the divine love between the

deities Radha and Krishna. Just like other holidays, there are a lot of stories about the festival

and how it all started. This is the perfect time to let go of any worries or judgements and

relax/have fun while welcoming the new season of Spring! This year, Holi is celebrated on

March 25th and here is everything you need to know about the holiday!

Holi Traditions

Traditional customs or practices that you will find for Holi is that there are a lot of

singing and dancing. The holiday symbolizes joy and happiness which will be easy to find during this time. Common customs are praying over or around a bonfire, the previously mentioned singing and dancing, and of course, the colorful powders that are thrown at each other! (The powders are normally dyed starches, but water can also be thrown such as in water balloons or water guns). The throwing of the dye represents breaking social barriers, letting go of what people think of you to have fun. Each color has significance as well. For example, red symbolizes fertility and love, while green symbolizes new beginnings and/or birth. There is not a color that is bad for the throwing of dyes celebration but as long as it is bright and will stick to others easily, you are good to go! After partying with the dyes and singing/dancing in the streets, people will go back home to clean up and visit their families to continue the festivities with their loved ones!

Traditional Holi Foods

A few common foods that you will find during this time of festivities are Malpua (Indian

pancakes), Puran Poli (saffron flatbread), Dahi Bhalla/Dahi Vada (fried lentil dumplings with a

yogurt sauce), and Badam Phrini (pudding). A lot of these foods can be served both savory and sweet! Some common drinks to help you cool down from having fun outside all day are Lassi (a yogurt-based drink that is customizable with fruits, cream, and can be savory) and Thandai (a milk-based drink that is made with saffron and almonds). These drinks are served cold for a refreshing time to re-energize!

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